Our Story

MLee was founded by Martha Lee Adams, Speech-Language Pathologist.  She evolved into this profession from her role as the mother of a daughter who suffered a closed head injury in 1986.  This experience motivated her to return to the university where she could learn and understand the world of recovery and the process of therapies.  These included speech-language, occupational, physical therapies as well as all the medical interventions that entailed.
Through her formal education and post graduate work she discovered the PROMPT Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to investigating and promoting holistic, dynamic, multi-sensory assessment and interventions for individuals with speech production disorders.  Martha believes in high stimulation within the timing of the child with an individualized and holistic approach.

I have had the privilege to have worked and learned from the talents and skills of some wonderful SLPs, OTs, and PTs.”  Thus the birth of MLee, where it is a pleasure to com to work in a happy and colorful clinic with very talented and dedicated clinicians. – Martha Lee Adams, SLP

As time passed, Martha found that it was time to pass MLee forward to her motivated long time colleague Marcus Neal.   Martha and Marcus have worked side by side for more than a decade.  They share the same passion and philosophy for work and therapy.

I am filled with pride as we make this transition.  Marcus is a highly skilled clinician and is now embracing the task of owner/director of MLee.  He is shining in all aspects and I am both pleased and thankful that the unique and stimulating therapy we provide will be carried on through Marcus and all the exceptional clinicians at MLee for many years to come. ” -Martha