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21 January 2016
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21 January 2016, Comments: 0

The therapists at MLee are amazing and I recommend them to any parent I meet who’s children have speech or occupational therapy challenges. They have taken my barely verbal three year old and given him the skills and tools to grow into a fluent 5 year old who is now mainstreamed in school…. single vowel and consonant approximated combinations to sentences.

get startedEvery time I think of how far he has come I know it would not have been possible without these amazing people. In the multiple therapists we have seen, no one else even comes close to their knowledge level. They are constantly learning and updating their skills. Even better than that, they also love on your child and care for them as a whole person, not just a cluster of symptoms.

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They love on and support your family, are extremely flexible and will even help you to the best of their ability to secure coverage for services through insurance. They have creative activities tailored to your child to address their individual skill level and to help them grow.

Occupational services are equally fantastic and have helped both my boys strengthen their motor skills, address their sensory needs and develop more mature self help skills to foster their independence.

Overall being in their care has made a huge difference in our family’s quality of life and well being. Truly family centered care….and providing so much hope for a bright future. I give them my highest recommendation.

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