Specialized Programs

Specialized Therapy Programs

Our Specialized Therapy Programs are truly how MLee continually adds value to your child’s ongoing and breakthrough progresses through such unique programs as Interactive Symbolic Play, Sensory Feeding Disorders, Specific Communication Disorder Programs, and to teach Parents how to better communicate with their child through our Parent Interactive Communication Program.

Specialized Interactive Symbolic Play Programs

Our philosophy that experiences through guided play allows for increasing understanding & use of language drives our enthusiasm for creating & writing these dynamic programs specific to your child.  Embedded into each program are your child’s holistic needs, as explained in the PROMPT Conceptual Framework, to develop into the best communicator he/she can be.  Martha has been collaborating & writing these program for more than 16 years and has seen beautiful progress from the participants.  The work of Stanley Greenspan, Barry Prizant and Amy Wetherby are incorporated into the programs.

Sensory Feeding Disorders / SOS Program

Marcus, Ashley, and Carly enjoy building sensory feeding therapy into their communication / cognitive programs.  They consider feeding & eating a social event that, for many, requires courage and trust to overcome.  They have had many successes in this area of intervention.

Communication Consultations

Martha, Marcus, Pam, and Ashley enjoy working with parents and school-based professionals for increasing consistent interactions and understanding for each child.  They enjoy working within environments outside of the treatment clinic for creating carryover experiences.  They are available to consult in areas of communication and interaction.

Parent Interactive Communication Training Programs

These programs are multifaceted and are created based on the needs & concerns of families.   We are prepared, certified, & experienced for sharing through the PROMPT Parent-Caregiver Workshop & their own creative workshops !  All programs thrive on the input from parents, caregivers, and others involved in the lives of our children.  We incorporate the work of Stanley Greenspan, Barry Prizant and Amy Wetherby.